Welcome to the realm of Bill, New Reader!

ABOUT Legend of Bill: Legend of Bill is about wannabe barbarian Bill and his best pal Frank the blue dragon, who, unsatisfied with their mundane lives as file clerk interns in the local castle accounting department, decide to set off for adventure in the free-as-a-bird life of a roaming barbarian and his dragon… and man are THEY in for a big wake-up call!!! Along the way, they meet Princess Gina, a tough as nails warrior princess on a mission, the Dark Queen, who has a thing for Bill, the mysteriously powerful gypsy, and a gob more oddball characters on their shameless quest for adventure!

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To begin this tale, and to give you reference, O, Traveler, find here a Map of the Fourth Kingdom, the lands traveled by and recorded in the Legend of Bill:

THE STORY SO FAR: The Dark Queen Vasheeva captured Princess Gina and through dark magic, switched bodies with her, that she could escape the Dark Lands and an evil spell that bound her there, in an attempt to track down and marry her true love, Bill the barbarian (with his best pal and sidekick Frank, the blue dragon). Princess Gina, in the Dark Queen’s body, while looking for the Dark Queen, with the aid of the wizard Craven, in hopes of finding the Dark Queen before she finds Bill, is somehow pulled into a FLASHBACK and is now MERGED with the Dark Queen Vasheeva, and trapped in the flashback. 

Bill and Frank, on a very long trek to try and find Princess Gina, get lost and sidetracked along the way by Dragon Burgers, barwenches, a mysterious and beautiful gypsy and murderous orcs (including General Foztik, who has now kidnapped the Gypsy) and an even more murderous dragon hunter named Kohr. Bill suddenly finds himself kidnapped by a mysterious wizard., and Bill and Frank find themselves separated, but with the aid of the mysterious Gnome 12, and a little fairie, sets off to find Bill before darker forces do!! or is it too late?

Well, what are you doing reading all these spoilers, catch up with the actual comic!! So much MYSTERYYYYY.

Confused yet? The epic storyline has only begun…

Have Sword Will Travel,

David (your Dungeon Master)