Bill is the hero of our vast and epic tale… unsatisfied with his mundane life as a castle accountant in the land of Morgard, Bill follows his dream of seeking adventure and fulfillment in the life of a wandering barbarian among the lands of the Fourth Kingdom, and fear not, O, Traveler, adventure will find BILL… but is he up for what this new life has in store?

Princess Gina hails from the Kingdom of Khernn, having left her home in search of help to save her King father’s land from imminent chaos via the ever-powerful might of a coming shopping center chain. After traveling with Bill and Frank for awhile, she decided to leave them in search of more resources, towards the Frozen Wastes, where she asked them to meet her, only to wind up being captured by the Dark Queen Vasheeva, and made to switch bodies, that the Dark Queen might trick Bill into loving her, even as Gina! Princess Gina was first introduced HERE.

Frank is Bill’s best friend from childhood, and the brains between the two of them. Frank is Bill’s straightman. Frank was also an accountant in the castle with Bill (don;t ask how a dragon became an accountant), and occassional office mascot for office parties, which he hated. When Bill wanted to leave this life of mediocrity for the thrill and adventure of a barbaric life outside the castle walls, Frank, while hesitant, joined his lifelong pal in search of his dream.

The Dark Queen Vasheeva, who’s been held captive in the Dark Lands for many years, is originally a princess, daughter of the once great King Arnon, from the land of Norim, now known as Everlost, and is much older than she looks, being the former fiance of Vorik, in the days of old, long before his mysterious transformation into the Dark Underlord Warrix. Vasheeva’s story is long, her heart darkened by her past, until she comes across a simple (or is that simpleton?) barbarian known as Bill, whom she quickly tries to marry so that she might leave the Dark Lands where she was held captive by Warrix, but eventually somehow falls in love with the big oaf (the jury’s still out on WHY!). Vasheeva eventually captured Princess Gina and cast a powerful spell, switching bodies with the Princess, and thusly set out on a quest to find her beloved and marry him still.

The Dark Underlord Warrix, once known as Vorik, the bravest and most fearless knight of the land of Norim, now known as Everlost, and past fiance (as Vorik) & husband (as Warrix), of the Dark Queen Vasheeva, is evil, in every conceivable way, with a heart as dark and cold as the furthest reaches of an abyss. He seeks unlimited power, rule over the Fourth Kingdom and beyond, and moreso, the destruction of his enemies and unparalleled control over all before him. In the Frozen Wastes he has lay dorment, amassing his plans, and his dark magic, that he might re-emerge to lay waste to all that is good. (What is he ‘re-emerging from, you ask? You shall see, in time, dear reader)… His past and evil ways are shrouded in mystery, but fear not, O, Traveler, for his tale is only beginning, both as Vorik, and as the Dark Underlord Warrix…

The mysterious and deceptively powerful gypsy happened upon Bill and Frank during their travels, and due to this meeting, she has lost literally everything, and been forced to travel with the pair in their oft-seemingly aimless quest towards the north… but dangers await her due to this meeting, and the story can be found, and will be told, in the tale that is being woven…

Bill was given a nameless, narcoleptic horse in a village some time back, and while the horse (not actually named Horse McLorsee) has been rarely seen, he can occassionally be found in the backgrounds of certain panels, usually falling asleep, and then waking up in just enough time to follow or find his new master, until the next nap.