Legend of Bill

Bill – Our titular hero (snicker). Bill started out as a tax file clerk in a castle and shared an office with Frank. Since realizing that the life of a tax clerk was not for him, he and Frank quit their jobs and set out to live a life of adventure.

Frank – Frank is Bill’s friend and co-worker from the tax office, he also happens to be a dragon, but that hasn’t affected their friendship too much unless Frank has been eating beans.

Princess Gina – A member of the royal family and a hot looking warrior princess to boot! She runs across Bill and Frank, and not sure if she needs their help to protect her, or if she needs to protect them, they all set off to vanquish the evil that is about to befall their land, a shopping mall development!

Dark Queen Vasheeva – The evil queen behind the shopping mall development. No one is sure if she is truly evil, just don’t get on her bad side.

Warrix – He’s definitely evil. Used to be a knight, now a powerful evil wizard. Did I mention he also looks demonic?? Definitely evil, and kind of bent on world destruction, also is believed to be the financial backing for the shopping mall development.

Shiarra – The Ice Witch, ruler of the far northern lands, she’s been known to wander the middle realms and get in bar fights. Also has a history with Warrix.

Ganyon – A wizard of great renown that wanders the realm and pops up where trouble is brewing.

Giles – The Watch Gnome (a.k.a. Agent 13) This is the poor gnome who has been assigned to watch Bill. You should feel very sorry for him.

Gypsy – A powerful seer that never saw Bill and Frank coming. She’s helped our heroes along on their quest and continues to pop up from time to time.

General Foztik – An Orc warrior who was originally after Bill, but now has swung over to the good side and has teamed up with Gypsy. Please don’t call him “Lefty”. You have been warned. Seriously.

Bill’s Horse – Bill acquired the “Horse With No Name” at an incredibly discounted price, only to find out that he suffers from narcolepsy and is prone to falling asleep at inopportune times. The horse is always near Bill, though he isn’t always visible, sometimes he’s in the background, sometimes he’s being ridden, the rest of the time he’s just out of sight.