David Reddick
Cartoonist Extraordinaire – David is single-handedly one of the busiest guys in comics. At one point he was writing and drawing “The Legend of Bill”, “Trek Life”, “Gene’s Journal” and “Rod and Barry”, and that was just in his spare time. During the day he works at PAWS (That would be the company that produces Garfield). A few years ago, David joined the rank of the syndicated cartoonists with “Intelligent Life”, a comic about pop culture and those who embrace their inner geekiness, whether it be pop culture/geek culture or sports!

Don Kuehn
The Wizard of Chromacity – Don is actually a humble mannered IT worker by day and a master of digital arts by night, he’s also been known to do some stuff in that place called “outside”. Lately, he’s found himself surrounded by a small zoo (dogs, LOTS of cats, some birds, a ferret and a hedgehog) which in no way has compromised his quest to turn himself into a lethal weapon (apparently he’s been studying martial arts for┬ámany years now, and is moderately talented at it).

Don joined LoB inadvertently by sending David a few colored strips, and then agreeing to do it all the time. He now colors both Legend of Bill and The Gnome Syndicate.

Kevin Vassey
Main Cartoonist – Kevin started out drawing The Gnome Syndicate, but as David’s schedule pulled him in many varied and different directions, he also “picked up the pencil” and took over Legend of Bill, so while he started out as the “Emergency Backup Cartoonist”, now he’s the main cartoonist. Kevin used to work at DreamWorks (you know that company that brought us Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Madagascar, etc.) but moved back home to the East Coast and is now working for a videogame company.