Legend of Bill

Legend of Bill was created by David Reddick and launched in 2008 as a solo effort on his part. Even before it’s actual launch, David received some colored fan art of Vasheeva, the Dark Queen. David  loved the coloring of it and promptly posted it to the website. When the strip launched, most of the strips were just line art, sometimes they were colored (this was mostly determined by David’s available time, as he was, and still is, a very busy guy).

So fast forward about a year or so, and David is up to his eyeballs in alligators, and hasn’t had time to color the strip, so the same guy that colored the Dark Queen earlier, just for fun colors the strip on the web site, sends it in expecting to maybe get a thanks or even get it posted. No more than 10 minutes after sending the strip in, his email explodes with messages from David. David then offers him 2 more strips to color, which is done, then comes the offer, “Wanna color the strip all the time?” he said “OK”. That is how Don Kuehn became the official colorist of the Legend of Bill.


The Gnome Syndicate

As the Legend of Bill comic developed, David would occasionally draw a small gnome in the background, usually hiding behind a tree or other object. The characters didn’t notice the gnome at first, but eventually they became more and more prevalent until we learned that the gnomes were actually part of a secret organization keeping track of the events happening in the world. With the popularity of the gnomes in the strip rising, The Gnome Syndicate was launched as a separate, but  somewhat intertwined comic. While David was too busy to do this strip, Kevin Vassey, an employee from DreamWorks (yes, the studio that has brought us many high quality 3D movies) started drawing and coloring The Gnome Syndicate. In recent years, Kevin got wiser and handed the coloring responsibilities off to Don.


Barwench Tales

Another spin-off from the Legend of Bill, this comic details the crazy antics of a bar wench that was featured initially in a 3 or 4 comic arc. After meeting our heroes and dealing with them, was left with a little touch of the crazy (or was she that way already?). The incredibly talented Jason Williams created several years of Barwench Tales, then had to leave and Jim Collins took over for a few years. Jason returned after that for a few more years, but Barwench Tales is currently on hiatus.