Hello Billbarians!!!

Those crafty gnomes are just cranking away on your ornament orders, but because they are such little busy bodies and are always looking out for your better interests, can you believe that not only did they find a better shipper (aka “Cheaper”), they say that they also found a way to ship it free!!*

The head Gnome says that if during checkout, you use coupon code “WARRIX-PAYS” you will get a discount on your order that equates to free shipping.

Hurry!! You can only use the code until the 15th of this month, then any leftover ornaments go into the Vault of Hiding for a very long time….

Place your order for the first ever LoB Christmas ornament here: https://www.cynidonbengals.com/shop




*- For those of you who have already ordered and paid shipping, the accountant (Bill??) says expect a refund!!!