I know it’s been a long, long time since there was even talk of any LoB merchandise, but we are offering a Christmas Ornament this year. The ornament is 3.38″w x 4.48″h, made from a birch laminate and painstakingly laser engraved in a little building behind the LoB coloring studio (which looks suspiciously like my garage) by artisan gnomes.

The ornament features our two intrepid heroes in that classic pose drawn by Kevin.

So how much are we charging for such a magical delight for your Christmas tree?? $99.99? $79.99? $49.99?

Not even close!!

Due to our gnomish craftsmen, we can charge the low, low price of $9.99 + Tax, Shipping and handling!!

Ok, ok, Now I know that you are wondering just how you can get an ornament for yourself and be the envy of your neighbors. Well let me tell you how to order this rare Christmas delight that will become a valued family heirloom to hand down to future generations.

We at Legend of Bill have partnered with **Shameless self-promotional plug** the Cynidon Bengals Cattery (A business that my wife and I run in addition to our day jobs – we raise and breed Bengal house cats) to use their newly opened web store to sell the ornament. So when you click the link below and you end up in our cattery web store, don’t freak out, you are in the right place. Select the LoB ornament from the  merchandise and add it to your cart and then checkout. We are using Paypal, so you can either use your Paypal account or if you don’t have one, you can also use a credit or debit card too.

Special note for those LoB fans that live outside of the US, the store isn’t set up for International purchasing, but that doesn’t mean you will be denied this most cherished of all Christmas ornaments. If you use the contact form on the CynidonBengals site to let us know you want the LoB Christmas ornament and send us your name, email address and home address (DO NOT SEND CREDIT CARD INFO TO US), we can email you an invoice via Paypal and get an ornament shipped to you (International shipping rates will apply).

Here’s the link to purchase the ornament: http://www.cynidonbengals.com/shop

The gnomes in my backyard are eagerly awaiting your orders!





p.s. – The ordering window closes at midnight on December 15th, 2017 central time in the US. After that, the ornaments will be locked away in the vault for an extremely long, long, long time, so make sure you get your orders in before the deadline!!!