Hello Lobbers!! (Or do we still prefer BillBarians?)

I’ve got the LoB strips uploaded, but unfortunately with the loss of the previous site, there wasn’t a way to keep the previous comments and blog posts. So at least we can enjoy all of the previous LoB strips. Do you know that there are approximately 500 of them? I didn’t realize there were that many already, and it looks like I’ve colored about 430 of them.

I’m currently trying to figure out a way to load the strips from The Gnome Syndicate so that they will be in their own thread, I was hoping that the “Chapters” feature of Comic Easel would allow me to do something like that, but it doesn’t appear to by itself. I will keep researching this.

I’ve also seen a few requests for Barwench Tales to at least be added to the archive, and I will try to get that done for you, as Sarah and company are part of the LoBverse too. Well, I’ve spent the better part of my Sunday working on getting the LoB archive up and running, sorry this is taking longer than I anticipated, but rest assured, Kevin and I are hard at work and we will get this site fully operational.