Billbarians, I bring you good news. The new ARCHIVE sustem is nearly complete, where you will be able to search by story arc, date, etc. In the meantime, we have now put into place a somewhat more crude, but more effective (than nothing) ARCHIVE dropdown by month, to your upper right (look at the top of the left nav, under the strip). You can now at least go back by month, until there is a full page in place by storyarc for maximum searchability of arcs, characters, happenings, etc, because, as you know, one needs to do some digging (even me) sometimes, and we’ve got a growing archive, going into our 4th year (FOUR YEARS!!) as of next month.

Additionally, we have a new LoB Store coming, and it’s in progress as we speak.

And finally, Don and I (mostly Don) finished putting in the last strips into the LoB Trade Papwerback, which has been a long time coming. We will be adding some additional content and plotting the course for printing and how best to go about it for maximum distribution, and I will keep yo uupdated on it. The book weighs in at about 245 comic strips from the direct story.

Question: What would you think of 2 additional staple comic book releases with the Trade paperback release of Barwench Tales and The Gnome Syndicate? And Don’s been pushing me to release a “sketchbook” as well, which I would love to do.

To buy these books, to partake in our endeavors… these are ways you, fellow Billbarians, could support our efforts here, by partaking in these barbaric offerings, our most loyal readers and fellow companions, on this endless and most noble quest for all things ADVENTURE!!

More to come as it all develops!

Stay Barbaric,