Legend of Bill’s very own color wizard Don Kuehn & LoB’s Saturday Barwench ¬†Tales cartoonist Jason Williams sent me a lil’ surprise earlier this week, and boy did MY eyes pop out of my head when I got it in my Inbox. Don had a fun idea of doing a Star Wars-like poster (think of the classic Hildebrandt poster for the first Star Wars in ’77) featuring the LoB cast, and asked Jason to draw it. Then Don colored it. What a team! LOOKIT this awesome work by LoB’s own – I’m so proud I sent a few barwenches and a crate of the Wet Gill Tavern’s finest homemade ale (is that a GOOD thing?) to both their houses. THANK YOU, GUYS!!!

I’m thinking this needs to be made into a print and added into the LoB store, with special ones signed by me, Don and Jason!

*Click the image for a much larger view!