Billbarians, THANK YOU for being so patient whilst new LoB’s have been spotty at best in their posting… I’ve been swamped with certain projects, combined with the holidays, family time and my time has become incredibly scarce. One of these said projects is an AWESOME Star Trek parody rpg CARD GAME that I am doing the art for, and if you like even one little thing about Star Trek OR Legend of Bill, you MUST check it out! Not much to see yet, but you can get a taste for something I’ve been up to at the link, and I know you’ll all LOVE it, especially if you’re a big Trekker like myself, seeing as how I created “The Trek Life” for 3 years at the official Star Trek website, STARTREK.COM. So yeah, I’m a fan. ;-) Watch this space, things will be back to normal starting Monday and we can continue the story of Kohr, as Bill, Frank, and more converge towards the Dark Queen and Gina’s flashback!!! There is so much on the horizon in the works for 2012 for LoB – just you wait, faithful Billbarians!! Happy New Year!!!!!!