Kevin Vassey brings us a new, and may I say, my favorite thus far, Gnome Syndicate!! This is getting good, the storyline is diggin deeper, so go back to the beginning and revisit TGS and get all the scoop as it develops ! ;-)

And don’t forget Jason Williams AWESOME work on Barwench Tales, our Saturday comic, as Sarah shows what she’s made of by Jason’s excellent pen!

I truly appreciate the entire LoB team: Don for his fantastic colors that transform the flat pen work of mine into life, and who’s work is invaluable to me, Jason (Barwench Tales) for his wonderful writing and art and fleshing out his corner of the Sarah and the Wet Gill Tavern in the Billverse, Kevin (The Gnome Syndicate) for his wonderful writing as well,  and art, and fleshing out the background of a consistent element in the billverse that is ever-present… and YOU… for reading, for keeping up on Bill and Frank and the gang, for being patient when things are slow, and for ever-supporting our labor of love here, like a big whoppin’ barbaric family. Aw, crap, I’m gettin’ all verklempt. Barwench Pixie, a round of drinks for my friends, here! ;-)